The Sanitelle® Gel Proven to Kill the “Avian Flu” Virus (H5N1 strain)

A new means to combat bird flu has been developed: the Sanitelle® antiseptic gel from Bentus Laboratories (Russia).


Neither a vaccine nor a cure for bird flu, Sanitelle® gel is a universal way of preventing this disease. Considering that modern medicines have no notable effect on the H5N1 virus, the use of Sanitelle® gel prevents infection itself.


All experts are united in the opinion that hand hygiene is the most important and effective way to prevent infection and further spread of the pathogenic influenza A virus. However, in most cases when you need to wash your hands to prevent infection, there is no soap and water!


Sanitelle® gel is a product that allows you to disinfect your hands without water, soap, and wipes, and is capable of destroying the avian influenza virus when it reaches your skin. Even if you have been in contact with infected animals, either in the street, in the market or at home, you can protect yourself against infection. Simply disinfect your hands with Sanitelle® gel and the probability of infection is reduced to zero.


You can carry Sanitelle`s® convenient and modern-looking little tubes (25 ml and 50 ml) around with you at all times and in all places.


The most recent clinical trials conducted by the laboratory test centre of the state-owned Ivanovsky Research Institute of Virology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences have proven Sanitelle® gel to demonstrate “virucidal properties with respect to the avian influenza virus (H5N1)” and the ability to inhibit “reproduction of the virus by 99.99%.” This means that within 15 seconds the gel can clean and disinfect the skin on your hands, killing the dangerous H5N1 virus.


The bird flu virus will not wait for scientists to invent a vaccine. Protecting a person`s health begins with observation of the elementary rules of personal hygiene. Sanitelle® gel is an effective and efficient substance that is good for your hands, convenient to use, and is the best way to protect yourself from most infectious diseases, including the bird flu virus.Sanitelle®: Your Health in Your Hands!


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