Sanitelle® Holds the Leading Position in Europe and Occupies the Third Place in the World According to EFFIE Worldwide Ratings

International award in the area of marketing communications EFFIE Worldwide published its figures on international and European leaders. According to EFFIE Effectiveness Index the marketing strategy of Sanitelle® brand took the first place in Europe and the third place in international rating in the category Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare among a large number of applications received from 40 other countries.


It should be noted that EFFIE Effectiveness Index is the primary international rating of the effectiveness of marketing communications. It was developed to distinguish the most effective brands and agencies as well as advertisers and private entrepreneurs operating in the area of marketing communications. The index is put together based on the information about the finalists and the winners of local EFFIE contests. Sanitelle® brand occupied the first place in its category in “Brand of the Year / EFFIE 2010” award in Russia.


Sanitelle® brand occupies the highest world ratings due to its effective marketing communication strategy, its effective positioning and the introduction of its innovative products on Russian market.


Aidar Kaliev, Head of Venture Business of VTB Capital, which invested in the production of Sanitelle® gel comments: “This award is even more pleasing since the team of OOO Bentus Laboratories in addition to brand-building was involved in the formation of the market, and has also conducted a number of R&D projects. As a result the range of innovative antiseptic hand products was expanded. We are proud of being part of this project”.


Our Company


Bentus Laboratories (brand Sanitelle®) is the initiator and the leader of the production of everyday and professional sanitizers in Russia starting from 2004. The main business activities of OOO Bentus Laboratories include the development, the production and the distribution of the innovative means of personal hygienic protection of the 5th generation.


A wide selection of company’s products is available in supermarkets, drug stores and other retail shops. Moreover, our company offers a large set of professional products, including gels for hygienic and surgical hand treatment for medical professionals, hand sanitizers for working with money bills and a number of other products. The production line and company’s products have received certification in accordance with stringent international standards, including the Certificate of Quality ISO 13485:2003 and European norms EN 1040:2005 and EN 1275:2005.


Simonian & Associates Consulting Inc. is marketing and development consultant of OOO Bentus Laboratories.