Partnership Between Johnson & Johnson and OOO Bentus Laboratories will Reduce the Rate of Infection in Hospitals

Partnership Between Johnson & Johnson and OOO Bentus Laboratories will Reduce the Rate of Infection in Hospitals

On December 15, 2011 Johnson & Johnson and Bentus Laboratories have signed a distribution agreement. In accordance with this agreement Russian division of Advanced Sterilization Products – which is owned by Johnson & Johnson, and which is characterized as the world leader in the development of innovative technologies which are designed for preventing the proliferation of nosocomial infections – became sole distributor of the professional line of products of OOO Bentus Laboratories on the territory of the Russian Federation.


OOO Bentus Laboratories specializes in the production of advanced skin antiseptics including disinfecting gels Sanitelle® which are designed for professional and everyday hand sanitation. Johnson & Johnson will be involved in distribution of the professional line of products designed for medical specialists.


Being the sole distributor of Sanitelle® Johnson & Johnson will increase its market share in professional hand treatment products by 15%. “From the time when we established our offices in Russia which was more than 20 years ago we have been undertaking active steps to fight nosocomial infections both by using innovative products and solutions and by implementing the standards for preventing nosocomial infections in Russian hospitals,” – says Mr. Arman Voskerchyan, Director General of Johnson & Johnson in Russia and CIS. “ASP division is one of the key suppliers of comprehensive solutions for the sterilization and the disinfection of advanced medical equipment and instruments. Now our supply offers will include products for medical specialists as well”.


Johnson & Johnson is guided by the following criteria in the process of partner selection: the relevance of the products for the market, the compliance of production and product characteristics with international GMP standards, and the effectiveness of company management. Sanitelle® products have been designed to account for the specifics of Russian healthcare practices, and our products comply with most stringent requirements.


“Our partnership with the world leader in healthcare serves is the best evidence that both our products and the quality of our management and production processes comply with the highest international standards,” – comments Mr. Gaik Simonyan, Director General of OOO Bentus Laboratories.


“The agreement with Johnson & Johnson sets up the new development options for OOO Bentus Laboratories. For example, we visualize a great potential for the sales of professional Sanitelle® products both in Russia and abroad including the CIS and European countries,” – notes Mr. Ruben Simonyan, President of Simonian & Associates Consulting, Inc. which provided strategic support of the transaction on behalf of OOO Bentus Laboratories.


“Venture business VTB Capital is the investor of OOO Bentus Laboratories starting from 2009. We are convinced that this agreement is an important stage in company development, – adds Mr. Aidar Kaliev, Head of Venture Business division of VTB Capital. – The government invests in the modernization of the healthcare system, which stimulates the demand for innovative products and sets up grounds for effective partnerships between the leading world figures and Russian producers”.


“The agreement between OOO Bentus Laboratories and Johnson & Johnson demonstrates the great potential of the Russian small and medium size business sector in the area of medicine. It also offers a great opportunity for our companies to incorporate into international healthcare infrastructure,” – continues Mr. Alexey Goryachev, President of Rye, Man and Gore Securities which is the co-investor of OOO Bentus Laboratories.


Every year 50 to 60 thousand cases of nosocomial infections are reported in Russia. De facto this figure is 40-50 times larger. More often nosocomial infections are reported in obstetric units and surgical in-patient clinics. Experts estimate the economic losses from nosocomial infections in Russia at 5 billion Russian rubles.


Johnson & Johnson Company


Johnson & Johnson Company was established 125 years ago in New Jersey. Currently the company is world leader in healthcare. In 2010 its sales volume exceeded 61 billion US dollars. 40% out of this figure is covered by medical products, medical consumables and diagnostic products. Johnson & Johnson is among top hundred largest world companies according to Fortune-500 rating, and the company occupies the fourth place in the list of most reputable healthcare companies (FortuneMostAdmiredCompanies). Company’s representative office in Russia was established in 1991.


Advanced Sterilization Products Division


Advanced Sterilization Products is one of the divisions of Johnson & Johnson. It manufactures low-temperature plasma sterilization systems and advanced means for the disinfection of facilities; the company is also involved in the development of sanitary standards and rules for the treatment of medical instruments. Company’s experts together with Russian doctors and professionals participate in designing professional education systems for endoscopy specialists, epidemiologists and nurses, and facilitate the utilization of innovative technologies in Russia.


Bentus Laboratories


Bentus Laboratories (brand Sanitelle®) is the originator of market segment for everyday skin sanitizers, and it is also the leader of the production and sales of skin sanitizers in professional and retail markets. The main business activities of OOO Bentus Laboratories include the development, the production and the distribution of the innovative means of personal hygienic protection of the 5th generation.


The production line is located in Moscow, and it has received International Certificate of Quality ISO 13485:2003. Special company lab is responsible for the quality control of raw materials and finished products. The lab holds the certificate issued by the Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Metrology. Company’s products (gel Sanitelle®) comply with European standards EN 1040:2005 and EN 1275:2005A.


In 2011 Sanitelle® brand of Bentus Laboratories won the gold prize at “Brand of the Year. EFFIE 2010” award in category “Products for Health. Personal Hygiene Products”. In 2011 brand Sanitelle® occupied the first place of the European Effectiveness Index, and the it took the third place in the Worldwide effectiveness index EFFIE Worldwide under category Pharmaceuticals&Healthcare.


Simonian & Associates Consulting, Inc (USA)


Simonian & Associates Consulting, Inc. (USA) provides comprehensive consulting services in marketing and strategy as well as the creation and the positioning of innovative products, and the targeting of strategic partners and investors. Simonian & Associates Consulting, Inc. is the co-founder and the shareholder of OOO Bentus Laboratories. Simonian & Associates Consulting, Inc. is responsible for marketing, strategy, development, science and the targeting of strategic partners.


VTB Capital


VTB Capital is the investment business of VTB Group. It is one of three strategic business areas of VTB Group along with corporate and retail businesses. Established in 2008 VTB Capital took part in more than 184 transactions involving debt and equity capital attracting more than 88 billion US dollars in investments in Russian economy. VTB Capital offers the entire range of investment and banking products and services both for Russian and international clients. It focuses on the issuance of debt and equity securities, the development of direct investment business, trading operations, asset management, consulting services in capital markets for mergers and acquisitions in Russia and abroad. Moreover, one of the key business areas of VTB Capital is investment management.


By the end of the first 9 months of 2011 VTB Capital occupied the first place in Dealogic, Bloomberg and ThomsonReuters rankings in debt and equity capital in Russia and the CIS. The results of investor polling conducted by ThomsonReutersExtel and InstitutionalInvestorAll-Russia demonstrated that in 2011 the analytics team of VTB Capital was recognized as the best analytics team in Russia.


OAO Rye, Man and Gor Securities


OAO Rye, Man and Gor Securities is an independent investment company which started its operations in Russian stock market in 1994. Once established the Company started working in Russian stock markets conducting its business in the following areas: brokerage services, individual trust management, corporate finance, depository activities and dealer operations, financial, investment and administrative consulting as well as information and analytical support for clients.


OAO Rye, Man and Gor Securities is the professional participant of the stock market. It is licensed for conducting dealership, brokerage and depository activities in asset management; the company also holds the license for acting as exchange intermediary negotiating futures and options transactions as part of exchange trading.


OAO Rye, Man and Gor Securities has created a stable and wide network of partners among financial institutions, private investment funds, strategic investors as well as sectoral organizations facilitating universal and quick access to various sectors of the market.


During 17 years of its operation OAO Rye, Man and Gor Securities managed to implement dozens of projects in various sectors of the economy.