National Award “Health Idea 2007”. Sanitelle® brand declared winner in two categories!

At the award ceremony of the National Award Health Idea 2007 for marketing, advertising and PR professionals, the Sanitelle® brand of Bentus Laboratories LLC was declared winner in two categories of the sub-entry for cosmetics, hygiene products, and medical products: Best Advertising and Publicity Campaign; Best TV Commercial.


Health Idea is Russia’s national award in the area of improving health and the quality of life. In 2007, leading Russian and foreign companies and brands present on the Russian market, including Vichy, Omron, Procter&Gamble, Wimm-Bill-Dann, were nominated in various subgroups and categories.


Bentus Laboratories expresses its appreciation and gratitude to Simonian & Associates Consulting Inc., our sales, marketing and strategy consultants, for the outstanding performance and dedication to the development of the project.


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