Bentus Laboratories has signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Russian Red Cross

Bentus Laboratories has approved and signed the final version of the Agreement with the Russian National Non-Governmental Organization Russian Red Cross (RRC). The agreement is aimed to organize a national-scale campaign to promote a healthy way of life and enhance people’s awareness of sanitary and hygienic standards.



Among other things, the effort is focused on the necessity for the medical stuff to disinfect hands with the Sanitelle gel to reduce the rates of hospital-acquired infection (HAI).


The program provides for the publication of numerous informational posters, brochures, booklets, fliers and stickers designed to raise the level of medical and sanitary awareness of the basics of hand hygiene among medical staff and patients.


Within the framework of the Cooperation Agreement, the Russian Red Cross grants Bentus Laboratories the right to use its name and logo on the published materials related to the joint campaign for enhancing the awareness of hygienic and sanitary standards, and on the bottles and dispensers with the Sanitelle® gel which are sold through retail outlets or supplied to medical organizations.


Within the framework of the agreement Bentus Laboratories:


  • Grants free of charge bottles with the Sanitelle® gel for use at the RRC’s medical centers, medical and social support units, RRC hospitals, and at the health resort Druzhba (Moscow Region);
  • Grants free of charge bottles with the Sanitelle® gel for use by RRC medical nurses;
  • Publishes and distribute brochures, booklets and stickers related to the joint campaign;
  • Creates a web site dedicated to the joint campaign, and performs its technical support;
  • Contributes to the RRC part of the proceeds from selling items with the RRC logo to support RRC’s activities performed in line with the articles of association and according to its programs.


For additional information about the Cooperation Agreement visit the website of the Russian Red Cross.