Ansell Healthcare and OOO Bentus Laboratories are creating Manufacturers Alliance for Patient and Healthcare Professional’s Safety in Russia

Ansell Healthcare and OOO Bentus Laboratories created an alliance in order to combine their efforts in educational activities in the Russian market and to promote modern hand hygiene and protection products as one of the most important moves to prevent nosocomial infections (HAIs).


According to data of the World Health Organization (WHO), hundreds of millions of patients all over the world suffer from hospital-acquired infections which may result in more severe diseases extending the duration of hospital stay and even in continued disability. Russia is not an exception. Various data demonstrate that up to 15% of newborns and 16% of post-surgery patients are exposed to hospital-acquired infections. The majority of hospital-acquired infections can be prevented though. Numerous studies held in the world show that simple hand hygiene is the main measure that helps significantly reduce the risk of infection. Despite being so simple, healthcare professionals fail to practice it on a daily basis in various countries of the world.


In line with the agreement, the Alliance members will develop educational materials and implement the process that will help healthcare professionals in the Russian Federation better understand and most effectively use modern methods of hand hygiene in everyday practice. In particular, they will focus on the use of protective gloves and alcohol-based hand sanitizers.


The founders of Ansell Healthcare and OOO Bentus Laboratories will address manufacturers of medical protection means and equipment represented in the Russian market with a proposal to join the Alliance for the purpose of cooperation to improve patient safety and healthcare professional protection. We strongly believe that our combined efforts can save many lives and reduce the time of patient hospitalization due to hospital-acquired infections, as well as prevent infection of healthcare professionals.


Brief information about Ansell Healthcare


Ansell Healthcare is the global leader in the production of means of individual barrier protection. The company performs its activities in North and South America, Europe and Asia with over 11,000 employees working worldwide and takes a leading position in the market of gloves from natural latex and synthetic polymers, and also in the market of condoms. Ansell specializes in the following three main segments: Professional Healthcare – provision of healthcare professionals with surgical and examination gloves; Occupational Healthcare – supply of individual hand protection products to industrial enterprises; and Consumer Healthcare – supply of sexual health protection products and consumer hand protection products. The office of Ansell Healthcare Russia is located in Moscow. You can find information about Ansell at