The Latest Offer of Sanitelle® Trademark: Caring for the Health and Beauty of Your Eyes

Contact lens users will definitely find our new Sanitelle® spray indispensable. It ensures complete hand disinfection before and after contact lens use.


Bentus Laboratires, the producer of skin antiseptics TM Sanitelle®, once again wants to point out the importance of regular hand sanitation for health maintenance and for the protection from infectious diseases.


It is well known that 80% of infectious diseases are transferred through hands. Hand disinfection is very important during contact lens use. Our mucosa serves as direct pathway for infection in those cases when we fail to observe the rules of hand hygiene. During regular hand washing with soap and when using non-sterile napkins or towels a large number of pathogenic bacteria finds their way on the mucous lining of our eyes. Hand disinfection with Sanitelle® offers a 99,99% solution to this problem, since Sanitelle® products kill most common viruses, fungi and bacteria.


Ethyl alcohol – being the main component of the spray – serves as natural antiseptic. It rapidly kills microorganisms and it evaporates quickly. Moreover, the spray contains vitamin E. Being a natural antioxidant, vitamin E slows the process of skin aging, and Aloe Vera moisturizes, nurtures and tones the skin.


New Sanitelle® spray is quite compact. It weighs just 10 grams and it barely takes any space in your bag. It is very easy to use, and the whole process takes just a few seconds: spray a small amount on your palms and rub carefully until the liquid evaporates. The hands will be completely sanitized and ready for changing contact lenses. Our aim for the development of this new product was to simplify this daily procedure for hundreds thousands of people and to promote the fact that clean hands guarantee eye health.


Our Company


Bentus Laboratories (TM Sanitelle®) is the initiator and the leader of the production of everyday and professional sanitizers in Russia starting from 2004. Company’s products have unique characteristics, and they are available at supermarkets, drug stores and gas stations on the territory of the Russian Federation.


The main business activities of OOO Bentus Laboratories include the development, the production and the distribution of the innovative means of personal hygienic protection of the 5th generation. Moreover, our company offers a large set of professional products, including gels for hygienic and surgical hand treatment for medical professionals, and sanitation means for operation theaters and a number of other products. OOO Johnson & Johnson is the official and the exclusive distributor of Sanitelle® line of medical products on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Every year the quality of the products of Bentus Laboratories is confirmed by well-known certificates and trial protocols which are available on our official web-site. In 2010 Bentus Laboratories won the gold prize at national competition “Brand of the Year. EFFIE 2010”. In 2011 brand Sanitelle® occupied the first place of the European Effectiveness Index, and it took the third place in the Worldwide effectiveness index EFFIE Worldwide under category Pharmaceuticals&Healthcare.


The production line is located in Moscow. It has all the modern equipment. The company received international Certificate of Quality ISO 13485:2003. Company’s products (Sanitelle®) comply with European standards EN 1040:2005 and EN 1275:2005

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