Ecolab and Bentus Laboratories Sign Cooperation Agreement
  03 Jul 2017 г.      14
03 July, 2017 – Ecolab, the global leader in manufacturing professional-grade washing and disinfection products, and Bentus Laboratories, Russia’s leading manufacturer of hand hygiene and skin care products under the Sanitelle™ brand, have signed a collaboration agreement.   The agreement covers a multi-tiered cooperation between the two companies to create

  14 Apr 2015 г.      15
Cosmofarma Exhibition, the pharmacy world’s leading European event for the Health Care and Beauty Care sectors and all pharmacy-related services, with its 150 hours of conventions, conferences and ECM courses, represents an exceptional opportunity for up-to-the-minute professional training, interaction and discussion that cannot be missed in the current climate of

  16 Dec 2014 г.      15
In December 2014, Sanitelle brand won the People’s Trust Award “Brand No. 1 in Russia-2014” in the nomination “Antiseptics”, yet again confirming the high level of commitment and consumer confidence.   The voting took place from October 13 to October 26, 2014. Russian consumers were asked to choose their favorite

  17 Nov 2014 г.      20
Bentus Labs signed a contract with the Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia (FMBA) and became the official supplier of antiseptic agents for use by healthcare professionals and Russian athletes during training camps and major competitions. The first deliveries are scheduled for May 2015.

  24 Apr 2014 г.      17
liable partner who produces high quality products and offers a 100% guarantee to its customers. Bentus Lab, in its turn, was able to increase the number of points of sale through the pharmacy chain which is well-known to the buyer and has a high level of consumer confidence.    

  12 Jan 2014 г.      9
At the end of 2014, Bentus Lab, the leading domestic manufacturer of antiseptics and disinfectants, brought their products to the EU market for the first time. The company signed a cooperation agreement with Mijas World Ltd, the Estonian company specializing in import and distribution of health products to the Baltic

  15 Jul 2012 г.      9
Bentus Lab offers an innovative solution to the market of corporate promotional items and gifts. Branded hand sanitizing bottles are useful souvenirs that will long be remembered due to its originality. In addition, branded sanitizer bottles may become a part of a trade-marketing campaign.   Examples of projects: Novartis, Theraflu

  06 May 2012 г.      9
Contact lens users will definitely find our new Sanitelle® spray indispensable. It ensures complete hand disinfection before and after contact lens use.   Bentus Laboratires, the producer of skin antiseptics TM Sanitelle®, once again wants to point out the importance of regular hand sanitation for health maintenance and for the

Partnership Between Johnson & Johnson and OOO Bentus Laboratories will Reduce the Rate of Infection in Hospitals
  13 Dec 2011 г.      8
On December 15, 2011 Johnson & Johnson and Bentus Laboratories have signed a distribution agreement. In accordance with this agreement Russian division of Advanced Sterilization Products – which is owned by Johnson & Johnson, and which is characterized as the world leader in the development of innovative technologies which are

  03 Aug 2011 г.      9
International award in the area of marketing communications EFFIE Worldwide published its figures on international and European leaders. According to EFFIE Effectiveness Index the marketing strategy of Sanitelle® brand took the first place in Europe and the third place in international rating in the category Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare among a

Bentus Laboratories is the Gold Medalist of Brand of the Year. EFFIE 2010 Award
  12 Apr 2011 г.      9
On Monday April 11, 2011 the award ceremony for the winners of “Brand of the Year. EFFIE 2010” took place. Bentus Laboratories became the prizewinner of this honorary annual award. “Brand of the Year” award reflects company leadership in its primary business area. This year Sanitelle® brand of Bentus Laboratories

  14 May 2008 г.      9
Ansell Healthcare and OOO Bentus Laboratories created an alliance in order to combine their efforts in educational activities in the Russian market and to promote modern hand hygiene and protection products as one of the most important moves to prevent nosocomial infections (HAIs).   According to data of the World

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